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Large-scale Plant                            

Established in 1990, and to catch up the production capacity, our factory have been completely refurbished and rebuilt in 2008. With the total covering area 13,000 square meters, our factory have passed many audits under the authorized organization such as TUV, BSCI, BV, etc. We have huge independent warehouses on the first floor, and there are some areas that are closed and are used for stacking environmentally friendly materials to ensure that raw materials are not contaminated before production. We have a dehumidification room to dry the belts, which ensure that the belts produced in the rainy season will not moldy during the high temperature and sealed sea shipment.


8 sets feather edging machine imported from Italy and aims to build the standardized modern factory based on belts production needs; 20 sets of automatic stitching machine , operated by computer which makes the stitching easily and efficiently, it’s a key point for the pattern stitching; 60 sets sewing machines and corresponding seamers to guarantee our large production capacity.


Our factory have passed the audits of BSCI, TARGET, ISO 9001,Sedex, SAI, Disney, Costco WHOLESALE, and WALMART under the authorized organization such as TUV, BSCI, BV, etc.

Production Capacity                            

With more than 160 workers, we can produce more than 15,000pcs belts a day and 500,000pcs per month.

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